HR for Start-ups and SMEs

Start-ups, We Understand you!

This ​special ​program ​is ​for ​startups ​and ​SMEs, ​where ​we ​offer ​an ​HR ​head ​level ​of ​knowledge ​and ​experience ​for a ​fraction ​of ​the ​cost. ​This ​is ​mostly ​enough ​for ​company ​strength ​of about ​40. Once ​the ​company ​grows ​larger, we ​suggest ​you ​get ​an ​executive ​level ​full ​time ​HR ​employee ​who ​shall ​be ​managed ​by ​us. Most ​of ​the ​work ​shall ​be ​done ​off-site ​from ​our ​office ​in ​Mumbai, ​HR ​round ​of ​interviews ​shall ​be ​taken ​online. We ​shall ​visit ​your ​company ​office ​as ​and ​when ​needed, ​to ​ensure ​smooth ​implementation ​of ​all ​HR ​policies ​and goals. Once ​the ​company ​has ​grown ​to ​15+ ​employees, ​we ​can ​also ​provide ​you ​full ​time ​HR ​employees ​on ​our ​rolls, ​for smooth ​functioning ​of ​all ​HR ​activities. ​ 

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Feb 2018

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